Gameplay Behind SimCity


The SimCity BuildIt is a part of the SimCity series of console video game and computer game that was developed and designed by Will Wright. Since the start of the series in 1989, there has been a list of editions that has been sold around the world. SimCity has also led to the many “Sim” spin-offs which are considered to be excellent computer games. The basic task in all the various SimCity series is to develop a city for the Sims to reside in by starting from a patch of Greenland and making it into a residential area where one can live in.

SimCity BuildIt

In order to suit the original gameplay, the SimCity mobile version has been modified and the recent changes include extension of time to complete things. The app has been designed to take a prolonged time to play. The best part about the Simicity BuildIt is that it is completely free to download and play. Though you get only a tiny portion of the map for executing your plan, you can also proceed to buy Expansions with the help of other items. In comparison with other SimCity’s, the taxes that are collected in SimCity is pretty low and the rate also increases at a smaller pace.

Expanding and Moving

The best way to expanding in SimCity is to sell produced goods and upgrade buildings. However, this is turning out to be pretty expensive and time consuming especially since it is possible to get only a single building free per day. On the other hand, roads are easy to lay and relocation of buildings is also welcome. In such a case, you will have to supply the people living in it with essential commodities or you will end up no income as no one will move in.


During the start of the game, the player is provided with a blank map on which he/ she is expected to build and expand within the provided budget. As your city begins to grow and develop, you can get special buildings and government. You are also obliged to provide the citizens of your city with services such as leisure, parks, safety education and health. The basic essentials of a city must also be provided which includes water, electricity and waste management. The basic source of your income in SimCity would be from tax. SimCity BuildIt is a single-player game and simcity buildit tricks will help you win it all.

SimCity BuildIt can be played on your mobile and can be downloaded from the Play Store for Android phones and from the App Store for the iOS. It also has social media features to help you communicate with other users and users 3D graphics for an attractive gaming experience. Some of the other Spin-offs of the Sim Series are SimCopter, Sim City: The Card Game, SimFarm, Sims Ville, and Streets of SimCity. If you are interested in playing a game that will keep you entertained for a long time without being addictive, then SimCity BuildIt is for you!

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