How To Make Movie In MovieStarPlanet Without Moviestarplanet Hack Tool


Try Moviestarplanet Game Along With Moviestarplanet Hack Tool

If you have ever played games then you maybe knowing this that most of the games are all about action, adventure, strategy or many more things but you can’t find a game in which you can watch movies and also be a director. If you are the first time playing this game then you have many things to do which you can do. This game is about making friends and dressing well. All can be done with money so that the currency of this game is starcoins which allow you to buy stuff according to your choice. Lots of shops are in MovieStarPlanet city where you can shop for more clothes. Clothes have price according to their lookups. The most beautiful dress will be the most costly one. Earning starcoins is not the only thing But now there is a recently developed moviestarplanet hack tool can also help you out. You have to collect diamonds for spinning silver and golden wheel more than free limits. Here we are discussing how to earn starcoins by making movies and being a producer.

Moviestarplanet Hack Tool Makes Shooting Movie Town Very Easy

You have to visit MovieTown section of this game. Open main menu of MovieStarPlanet and here you can see an icon of MovieTown. Click on this for getting started. You may know this but if you make a movie and if it crosses a couple of hundred of views then you can earn thousand of starcoins. You will get two icons saying “Movies” and “Design Studio”. Click on Movies icon. In this option, you will see a list of most popular movies created by others. In the upper left corner, there will be option “Create New Movie” just next to Friends tab. After clicking on this button, movie maker interface will be shown to you.


Most of the people don’t know anything about how to use movie maker tools. Well, don’t worry; you have to practice for getting familiar with this. These tools work so easy that it will take you two or three times to learn it.

  • The first scene of this game is a background of school and model standing in the left corner.
  • If you want to perform an animation or expression then click on the model and it will pop up a menu by which you can set what you want to do. Moreover, you can set a dialog for your model star.
  • You have to work frame by frame to create a scene. A filmstrip is given below and there are many boxes. Decide a scene in each box. Click on play button to have a preview.
  • You can add an actor from your friend list by clicking on the button next to filmstrip.
  • You can also add props, change the background, add more scene as well as select music.

Now you know each and every tool. Use all these tools and earn the reward. If your movie reaches top list then you will get thousands of starcoins. You can use moviestarplanet hack tool to get more starcoins. use of these website tools easy and many of them are trusted.

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